Saturday, February 15, 2014

Tomato Macaroni Soup

This recipe is one of my all time favorites. 
Mostly because of how versatile it really is. 
The tomato base of this soup is easy, inexpensive, and healthier than using a cream base. 

What you Need For The Base; 
- Can of Original Tomato Sauce 
- Carton of Broth (Chicken or Vegetable)
- Can of Crushed Tomatoes 
- Salt & Pepper to Taste
To make the base all you have to do is empty the pasta sauce into a large soup pot and slowly add the broth. Whisk until combined. 
Add Ins; 
- Elbow Pasta 
- Carrots 
- Celery 
- Zucchini 
- Potatoes 
- Spinach 
- Anything you have! 
If choosing to add pasta or vegetables, I recommend bringing the base mixture to a steady boil before adding your yummy extras. 

The finished product. 
I went with a very simple soup of the tomato base, elbow pasta and canned tomatoes.
Served with warm grilled cheese for dipping. 
Delicious. Easy. Quick. Frugal. 


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